Tanjung Puting National Park, Orang Utan Home

Watching orangutans and other wildlife roam an amazing experience. Tanjung Putting National Park is the place of wildlife to move freely or can be called as the paradise of wildlife.
The park is sized area of ​​Bali is home to amazing wildlife including orangutans are world famous. The park is also home to monkeys, birds and other wild animals, not to mention the native plants the forest itself. This forest is a treasure trove of well-known in the world that attract the attention of visitors from many of the world.
Being in Central Kalimantan. The area was originally declared as a nature reserve in 1935 and became a national park in 1982. The park is located in the outer Cape sea Java. From the size of the park meant that this forest has a diverse habitat zones. This diversity defines the park is home to a large number of living creatures, both flora and fauna.

Stunning forest environment makes this remarkable place to visit if your outdoor adventure enthusiasts. This forest is a source of clear water, clear night sky and is also home to the orangutan forest creatures.
Orangutan no doubt be a resident of the most well known in the forest. Famous through the orangutan research and conservation programs at Camp Leakey research center. Camp Leakey is where penagkaran Orangutan and location of the longest continuous study of any wild animal in the history of science.
With about three-quarters of the world's population of orangutans living in Borneo, this park is an ideal place to see the amazing orangutans in the wild.
Because the plant in Tanjung Putting support many animal populations, the park has become one of the most important places in Southeast Asia for the preservation primates, birds, reptiles, and fish.

Tourism Object Tanjung Putting National Park
Some attractions in the Tanjung Putting:

Cape of Good Hope.
Is the first station in the rehabilitation process of orangutans. This location is located in secondary forest and swamp forest that is equipped with a guest house, trail and road information center.

Cottage Tanggui
Here, an orangutan prevented from direct contact with humans, but the Orang Utan in the observed remains behind closed doors.

Camp Cottage soar
Camp Cottage bounce is a study site. Camp Location bounce Pondok is situated between the Post Estuary Ali and Camp Leakey, in Tanjung Putting National Park, Central Kalimantan province, Indonesia. Camp Cottage bounce was founded by the Orangutan Foundation International NGO Partners Tanjung Putting National Park, in 2003. Camp was then renovated again in 2005 and is currently managed by the Orangutan Foundation United Kingdom.

Natai Galangal.
Research station proboscis monkeys and other wildlife observation through the river.

Camp Leakey
Founded in 1971, was in primary forest and is home of some semi-wild orangutans to the wild and from the newborn to age three years (Old King)

Reed River and Lake Birds
Observing animals and birds, especially migratory birds.